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Travertine Bathroom Heated Floor

Travertine Bathroom Heated Floor

Travertine Bathroom Heated Floor

Before Installing

Travertine tile Bathroom Heated Floor

Materials Proper planning is recommend for smooth installation.

Make a list, purchase needed tools and materials have everything assembled before getting started.

Note: After selecting the style of wall tile you like for your Back Splash Tile Materials, always to get at least 10% to 20% extra for breakage and trim.


Travertine tile Bathroom Heated Floor:

Tape Measure

Chalk (for lines)

Thinset or tile adhesive

(Buy the correct amount of thinset/adhesive as it is to hold the tile on the wall)

Notched trowel

Use two thirds of the thickness of the tile being set.

(The trowel is for spreading the adhesive “combs” it onto the surface)


Level is used to insure that installation is done on an even surface, if the floor is not even sand or remove excess material.

Tile Spacers

(Are to insure the lines between the tiles are properly spaced, usually 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch for kitchen walls.

The average being 1/8 inch grout line which is pleasing to the eye.)

Tile Saw

The wet tile saw is circular and cuts with water lubrication.

You can make straight cut with the tile saw only, not nippers.

It is suggested to rent a wet saw, if you don’t know someone that will share theirs with you.

Especially if this is a onetime project.  If you plan on doing more projects buy good wet saw.

(Wet Saw has a range of prices but will be a couple hundred dollars).

One hundred and fifty dollars is the average cost.


(For wall tile installation these maybe all you need, however you should always have additional cutters)

Tile Cutter

Practicing cutting on cheap tiles first with nippers and/or tile saw

(Snap/Rail cutter is usually about $20)

Rubber Grout Float

You’ll need a grout float to apply the grout after the tile is set and a grout is dry.


There will be many colors to choose from. Stores will have a sample palate that can be matched against the tiles to ensure correct color.  Choice of: Non-sanded grouts are used for narrow areas up to 1/8″, Sanded grouts are used for areas from 1/8″ to 3/4″ and more.

Grout Sponge

Sponge will wipe off the excess grout from the tile.


Don’t overlook the Obvious.

Remember to get Cleaning Cloths.

Add Goggles to your list.

You should be using a Pencil to writ everything down and you will need it again.

Include a Hammer on your list you will need it

Rubber Gloves are very important to protect your hands

Knee Pads help you keep your knees from bruising.


Please use full directions for installation this is basically to give you an idea of the general process.

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