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Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Idea

Bathroom Tile Idea

Stone Tile US  has the best selection of Natural Stone. For Bathroom Tile Idea You may find a bathroom tile option for all your needs with an elegant smooth look and beautiful veining that’s hard to beat. Our quarry is located in Turkey and we provide brushed, honed, polished and chiseled finishes. We carry Volakas in various shades of white from mountains in north Greece and Crema Marfil of Valencia in south eastern Spain, our Crema Unica was featured in season 4 of Vanilla Ice Project.

Silver Fantasy Polished Marble Tiles

                                                    Bathroom Tile Idea

Silver Fantasy Polished Marble Tiles have a blend of taupe and grey tones.  There are sections with black, white or grey with signs of white calcite veins lots of beautiful movement. This marble is great for interior decoration. Its color mixture works well for indoor designs and blends with most settings.


Bathroom Tile Idea


Bathroom Tile Idea

Silver Polished Marble Tiles is a mix of light and dark silver, black, yellow and dark brown shades. This is a very exclusive marble used for interior decoration projects, flooring, coverings, custom furniture and bath design.


Bathroom Tile Idea

Mosaics Tile

 Mosaics Tile sheets are curved on all sides, giving them the ability to fit together with a seamless finish. They are ideal for floor, walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom. This tile has a durable surface, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor areas.

Mosaic Tile

Bathroom Tile Idea

Cream Fantasy

Bathroom Tile Idea

Cream Fantasy Polished Marble Tiles have a beige color with medium grain and mostly uniform surface. There is the possibility of some darker and or lighter areas, however, that is the nature Crema Fantasy.

Crema fantasia

Cappuccino Brown Polished Marble

Cappuccino Brown Polished Marble Tiles is especially warm, it contains blend of warm beige, and there are also richer shades of light browns, cream, and honey. This marble combines perfectly with other colored stones and decor.

Cappuccino Marble

Bathroom Tile Idea


Silver Gray Polished Marble Tiles have a silver, gray background and darker gray veins that run through them, there’s occasional cloudiness on this marble. These are our bestselling silver gray marble tiles.


White Tumbled Travertine Mosaic

White Tumbled Travertine Mosaic Tiles 4×4: are ideal for floor, walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom. This tile has a durable surface, making it ideal for indoors or outdoor areas.

white tumbled travertine mosaic tiles 1x1 (11)

Bathroom Tile Idea


Naturella Beige Classic Polished Marble Tiles comes in an array of creams and light beige tiles making them great for contemporary or classic styles.


The Materials Tools Natural Stone Installation

Materials Tools Natural Stone Installation

Materials Tools Natural Stone Installation

Materials Tools Natural Stone Installation

Shopping List


Materials Tools Natural Stone Installation- Cleaning Cloths, Tile, Tile Adhesive, Grout, Silicone Caulk and Silicone Grout Sealer.

Your Tools will be: Goggles, Rubber Gloves, Knee Pads, Level, Tile Cutter, Tile Saw, Carpenter’s Square, Sponge, and Rubber Grout.

Also needed are Float, Pencil, Tape Measure, Hammer, Notched Trowel or Spreader and Bucket.

Materials Tools – Natural Stone Installation, Your 1st step in marble travertine Installation should be to seek the advice from licensed, insured professional.

Another option is a company with  marble and travertine (natural stone) installation.

Remember to check their customer ratings.

Whenever possible a reference/referral from a friend or neighbor with a good experience can be so priceless.

Regardless of how you approach the project do your research. 

The same applies if you want to do your own installation.

The information given in this article are general steps further research should be done.

Always do planning before you begin any project.

Get as much detailed information as possible on the project before you start.

Materials Tools – Natural Stone Installation

Stone Tile Us ships everywhere and fast, check or flooring tile shipping policy. 

Check our latest natural stone projects to help you visualize yours.

If you need more information about our natural stone selection, give us a call today 855-344-8716.

You may install Stone Tile Us travertine marble on: patios, pools, decks, bathroom, kitchen and pools.
In modern times, travertine is still favored for construction.

It can also be used for many applications such as floors, walls, kitchen backslash and counters, and decorative accents.
We offer free travertine samples. Save money buying premium stone from our factory.

Travertine Tiles come in: 12″X24″, 18″X18″, 24″X24″, Honed and Filled, French Pattern Polished, French Pattern Tumbled, & Brushed and Chiseled.
Honed finish has a smooth and dull appearance.

It is less than polished and has different degrees of dullness.
Polished is when the stone buffed to the most refined and highest level with a natural high shine.

Back Splash Tile Materials

Back Splash Tile Materials

Back Splash Tile Materials

Back Splash Tile Materials

Before Installing Back Splash Tile Materials Proper planning is recommend for smooth installation.

Make a list, purchase needed tools and materials have everything assembled before getting started.

Note: After selecting the style of wall tile you like for your Back Splash Tile Materials, always to get at least 10% to 20% extra for breakage and trim.

BASIC Back Splash Tile Materials:

Tape Measure

Chalk (for lines)

Thinset or tile adhesive

(Buy the correct amount of thinset/adhesive as it is to hold the tile on the wall)

Notched trowel

Use two thirds of the thickness of the tile being set.

(The trowel is for spreading the adhesive “combs” it onto the surface)


Level is used to insure that installation is done on an even surface, if the floor is not even sand or remove excess material.

Tile Spacers

(Are to insure the lines between the tiles are properly spaced, usually 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch for kitchen walls.

The average being 1/8 inch grout line which is pleasing to the eye.)

Tile Saw

The wet tile saw is circular and cuts with water lubrication.

You can make straight cut with the tile saw only, not nippers.

It is suggested to rent a wet saw, if you don’t know someone that will share theirs with you.

Especially if this is a onetime project.  If you plan on doing more projects buy good wet saw.

(Wet Saw has a range of prices but will be a couple hundred dollars).

One hundred and fifty dollars is the average cost.


(For wall tile installation these maybe all you need, however you should always have additional cutters)

Tile Cutter

Practicing cutting on cheap tiles first with nippers and/or tile saw

(Snap/Rail cutter is usually about $20)

Rubber Grout Float

You’ll need a grout float to apply the grout after the tile is set and a grout is dry.


There will be many colors to choose from. Stores will have a sample palate that can be matched against the tiles to ensure correct color.  Choice of: Non-sanded grouts are used for narrow areas up to 1/8″, Sanded grouts are used for areas from 1/8″ to 3/4″ and more.

Grout Sponge

Sponge will wipe off the excess grout from the tile.


Don’t overlook the Obvious.

Remember to get Cleaning Cloths.

Add Goggles to your list.

You should be using a Pencil to write everything down and you will need it again.

Include a Hammer on your list you will need it

Rubber Gloves are very important to protect your hands

Knee Pads help you keep your knees from bruising.

Back Splash Tile Materials-INSTALLATION TIPS:

Mosaics Tile sheets are curved on all sides, giving them the ability to fit together with a seamless finish.
It is the art of creating an assemblage of small pieces of natural stone creating a complete pattern for use on floor,
walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom. It is a technique used to create interior or artistic design.

Mosaics are made by hand on a 12×12 mesh for easy installation.

Lay tiles before using adhesive and then tiles can be cut with a knife on grout lines.

You should take measurements measure to center of the room.
Use a pencil to mark the corners then pick tiles up. Start at each corner and mark chalk lines to make a box for the field tile.
Next mix thinset to a thick creamy consistency, allow it sit for 10 minutes. Then use a notch towel 1/4 x 1/4  and then set tiles.
Inlay tiles with a margin trowel and lay them in place.
To get wall tiles to size cut with a wet saw,you can use a tile nipper for small tight areas.

Please use full directions for installation this is basically to give you an idea of the general process.

Stone Tile Us ships everywhere and fast, check our flooring tile shipping policy. 

Check our latest natural stone projects to help you visualize yours.

If you need more information about our natural stone selection, give us a call today 855-344-8716.





Stone Tile Us pavers are available in Marble and Travertine with finishes: tumbled, honed and filled. The finish on these stones are good for traction of vehicles and walking. The dense, hard material of travertine pavers makes them good for driveways, patios, pool and decks. They are resistant to moisture, cold, heat and erosion.  There is no heat retention and its surface remains cool to the touch. We offer a good variety of colors and sizes to blend with your outdoor design.

Surface Preparation (Important)

Travertine pavers are durable, however, they are breakable so it’s important to properly prepare the surface. Pavers sized 6×12 are best for driveway to prevent cracking from the pressure of vehicles. Larger sizes, and French Pattern, are good for outdoor, deck and pool areas but not recommended for driveway use.



Is highly recommended it is easy to lay and replace if needed and is the best option for cold weather.


Excavate if needed

Compact (Soil has to have the correct moisture level)

Level, compact and repeat

Add 6” to 8” crushed limestone (sharp edges assist a snug fit) allows for good drainage.

Compact layers

Add the limestone in 2 -3 layers

Level compact and repeat

Top with ½” sand

Then lay pavers

Clearly define borders 6×12 Travertine Pavers

After pavers are in place Polymeric sand can be swept between cracks, grout, or they can be left alone


Uniform ground, surface/platform.

Excavate 6″ to 8″ of soil

Clear the area and create a level platform

Use a plate compactor to compact the soil

Fill area with crushed gravel (limestone base 3” to 4”)

Pour 4” concrete slab

Add mortar and lay the travertine pavers

Start from the edge of the driveway and work your way inwards.

Flexbond is recommended for cold weather mud set travertine paver installation that will be mud-set on top of a concrete surface.

It allows contraction and expansion during the extreme cold weather cycle as  will as prevent cracking.


Excavate the area and compact the soil.

Add a crushed limestone base 4” to 5”

Crushed limestone is a sure foundation, and will help the pavers stay in proper position while allowing proper drainage.

Add 1” to 2” of concrete sand over crushed limestone.

Lay pavers starting from the edge of the driveway and work your way in (use something like a concrete slab, to hold pavers in position during installation).

Pavers should be placed in a fitted pattern for good snug fit.

Fill the joints in with polymeric sand (usually a mix of sand & special additives that are used for filling paving stone joints).


It’s recommended to install landscape edging on the outside edge of the pavers this will keep them from shifting out of position (top of the edging must be level with the travertine paver edge)

An alternative is pouring concrete along the outside edge after tiles are set (top of the edging must be level with the travertine paver edge)


Your outdoor travertine paver finish options are:

Tumbled finish, has textured, porous finish that is skid-resistant.

Honed is a smoother finish than tumbled  but still has needed traction when wet.

Polished finish is smooth and should only be installed in covered outside areas porch patio etc…


The pattern is up to you as there are several pattern/size options:

6×12, 8×8, 8×16, 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, & 24×24

French pattern/mini-French pattern

Pattern repeats after the first square ends (tiles are 16″ by 24″, 16″ by 16″, 16″ by 8″ & 8″by 8″ pavers and is set to cover 16 sq. ft. area. You should place tiles close together and you should fill the joints with sand).

When pavers are set, check for level, go over the area with a plate compactor again.

Stone Tile Us ships everywhere and fast, check or flooring tile shipping policy. 

Check our latest natural stone projects to help you visualize yours.

If you need more information about our natural stone selection, give us a call today 855-344-8716.

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

Pool Copings are perfect to use around the pool area, at Stone Tile Us we offer copings in travertine and marble with sizes ranging from: 4×9, 6×12, 12×12, 12×24 to 16×14.
They match beautifully with our pavers for a professional finish! Pool coping in natural stone comes with the convenience of high quality and easy installation. They have a tumbled surface, and this makes them ideal for pool edging and stair treads.
Choose coping based on the size and shape of your pool
Straight edge pools use: 12”x12” and 12”x24”
Semicircle and rounded pools use: 4”x8” and 6”x12”
Lay it in a pattern that will be a perfect fit for your pools shape
A diamond blade saw can be used to cut pavers to your desired shape (sand the edges if cutting was needed)
1” mortar with flexBond to complete the process

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

We offer paves to match your coping for a great visual, professional, polished finish. Why not purchase matching pavers?!

Copings: Pool coping is a frame around the pool and It separates the decking from the pool structure think of a picture frame.
They are perfect to use around the pool area , Stone Tile Us pool copings are travertine and marble.

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

Pool edging and stair treads
Options are natural stone, poured in place concrete, pre-cast concrete material, and tile.
Stone tile Us has a variety of sizes our newest is 2″.

Tumbled surface
Square corners may not always be appropriate or safe especially in the pool area.
So the rounded sides, act as an exposed edge and protector making it safer.

Travertine Pool Coping Quick Guide

Pool Coping in natural stone comes with the convenience of high quality and easy installation.
Part of the pool above the inside tile covering the top of the pool is called the bond beam typically 12“ width.
The pool coping separates the pool from the pool deck.

Stone Tile Us ships everywhere and fast, check or flooring tile shipping policy. 

Check our latest natural stone projects to help you visualize yours.

If you need more information about our natural stone selection, give us a call today 855-344-8716.

Back Splash Tile Installation

Back Splash Tile Installation

Back Splash Tile Installation

Back Splash Tile Installation

See our previous blog for a list of materials and tips

1. Make sure the wall surface has a sound structure (Good dry wall etc..)

2.The wall should be clean and flat (It’s been suggested to sandpaper or paint over the walls primer or sealer)

3.Measure to see how much tile you’ll need and get some extra from the same lot number.

4. Tiles purchased on sheets will allow for faster installation as you’ll be laying several at a time.

5. Cut tiles with a wet saw according to your needed measurements.

6. Lay tiles on the counter to get an idea of the layout pattern you want. (Cut tiles to size if needed).

7. Turn off power and remove wall face plates.

8. Apply Mastic (adhesive) with a notched trowel. Add to the walls with the flat side of the trowel.

9. Start at the center and work your way up horizontally. (Only apply to a 3×3 foot area at a time to prevent drying).

10. Double back over the application of adhesive with the notched side of the trowel to remove excess.  (Use a small trowel for small areas and tight corners).

Back Splash Tile Installation

11. Apply adhesive to the back of the tiles then lay them on the wall, starting at the base of the counter tops and working your way up.

This method will give you a straight edge guide and allows needed cuts/angles to be made under cabinets and exhaust fans.

12.Gently tap tiles into place with a mallet. Continue to lay tiles in a row and remove any surface excess (Every few minutes check for proper alignment).

13.Remove spacers, wipe surface clean, and let the tiles set over night before grouting.

14.Mix grout according to manufactures instructions.

15.Apply grout in a diagonal pattern using a rubber float holding it at a 45-degree angle.

16.Fill the seams with grout and wipe off excess with a damp sponge once grout is firm.

17.After grout dries a haze will form which must be removed with a clean sponge.

18.Apply cork (not grout) at the boarder of the counter tops and wall edges to seal and prevent cracking.

19.Replace switches and wall plates you may need longer screws.

20. Back Splash Tile Installation is now complete as always get professional advice before starting your installation project


Silver Mermer

Silver Mermer ocağımız Denizli de bulunmaktadır.


Silver Mermer Ocağımızda dört çeşit renk mevcuttur. Denizli de ki ocağımızdan çıkarttığımız doğal taşların adları Silver, silver Gray, silver Belinda ve silver Fantasy dir. Müşterilerimiz bu dört farklı renklerdeki tasarımlarımızı çok beğenmektedirler. Silver mermer ocağımız yaklaşık 9 yıl önce açılmıştır. Denizli deki Ocağımızın ilk yıllarda çıkarttığı mermerlerden Silver mermer rengi değişik karakterlerde çıkıyordu. Ama şimdi ocaktaki Silver renklerine baktığımızda renk homojenliği aynen yıllarca devam edecek gibi gözüküyor.

silver mermer

Son üç yıl öncesine kadar silver mermer pek talep olmayan renk türü idi. Ama şuan en popular renklerden birisi oldu her geçen gün silver mermer rengi daha fazla talep yaratmakta. Silver mermerin özelliklerini sıralayacak olursak. Taşı cilaladıktan sonra parlaklığı diğer mermer lere göre daha fazla parlak olması. Bu da silver mermerin çok sert yapıya sahip olduğunun göstergesidir. Mermerin ne kadar sert olması taşın ilerde kırılma riskini en aza indirmek demektir. Silver mermer in diğer özelliklerini sıralayacak olursak. Homojen bir yapıya sahip olması döşendikten sonra güzel bir görüntü vermektedir. Silver mermer i slab olarak kestiğimizde slablari numaralandırdıktan sonra sıra numarasına göre döşendiğinde ise bookmatch dediğimiz sistem ortaya çıkıyor.

silver mermerBookmatch demek iki mermerin sanki tek parça gibi gözükmesidir. Eğer silver mermer i keserken diğer yüzünden kesme işlemini uygularsak bu da mermerin dalgalı bir görüntüsünü ortaya çıkartıyor. Silver Mermer bu işlemden sonra muhteşem bir görüntü ile müşterilerimizin büyük beğenisini kazanmaktadır. Silver mermer in koyu bir renk tonu olması taşın üzerindeki kirliliği göstermiyor. Taşın üzerine kalıcı bir şey döküldüğünde kahve çay gibi temizlenmediğinde bu açık renkli taşların üzerinden çıkmazı zor oluyor. Doğal taşlar sayfamızı ziyaret ederek bu temizlik işleminin nasıl yapıldığına dair detaylı ve profesyonelce fikir elde edebilirsiniz. Bu işlemin en güzeli ile yapılabilmesi için öncelikle mermerin kendi kimyası olan metomorfizma olayı sonucu kalker ve dolomitik kalkerlerin kristalleşme olayında oluştuğu bilgisi ile kimyasal bileşenin yapısına uygun zarar vermeyen temizlik ve leke çıkartma işlemi uygulanmalıdır.

silver mermer

Fakat silver mermer in rengi koyu ton da olduğu için temizlik işlemi sık sık yapılamayan ya da belli aralıklarda yapılınca çoktan leke kurumuş ve işlemiş olan otellerde veya avm lerde kirli olduğunu göstermemektedir. Bu da kullanım yolu ve Silver mermer in kullanım alanı itibari ile imkanlarını büyük ölçüde arttırıyor. Doğal taş gruplarından yeni çıkan moda trendlerine bakıldığında pek çok modern ve yeni yapılarda bu taşımızın kullanımı büyük ölçüde artarak büyümektedir. Bu rağbet bize bu ürünümüzdeki geliştirdiğimiz yeni ürünlerin de ilhamını vermektedir. Bu ürünün üzerindeki renk tonları ve içerisinde bulunan damarların o kadar güzel bir yoğunluğu var ki adeta doğanın içerisindeki güzelliği yansıtan ve yüz yılların getirdiği bir süreç ile oluşan bu doğal harikanın o kaliteli ve mükemmel duruşu ile bitirilen evler, ofisler, hoteller ve hatta bir çok lüks mobilya eşyası gibi a dan z ye kullanım yeri sebebi ile şahane bir tema yaratmaktadır. Milattan önceki devirlere bile en güzel şekli ile hizmet etmiş olan bu mermer ailesi günümüz teknolojisinin gelişmişlik düzeyinde bile daha büyük bir ilgi ve heves ile talep edilmektedir. İçerisinde bulunan %95 kalsit (CaCO3) oranından dolayı içerisindeki bakteri üreme oranı pekçok metaryel ve yapı malzemesine oranla büyük bir fark yaratmaktadır. Dünyadaki mermer üretim miktarları ve dünya yüzeyindeki mermer ocaklarının oranlarına kıyasla yapılan araştırmada 2016 yılı için Türkiye 7. sırada gururla yer almaktadır ve Hurok Marble firması olarak da Türkiyede ve Dünya piyasalarında markası saygın bir firmadır. Hurok Marble ın amerikada ki bir diğer web sitesi ise travertine tile adı ile mermer satışı yapan pool pavers Stone Tile Us travertine pavers Firmasıdır.


doğal taş

doğal taş dediğimizde ilk aklımıza gelen şey mermerdir.

doğal taş lar çok çeşitli bir kavram olduğundan dolayı daha sonra kolye ve tespih yapımında kullanılan doğal taşlar olarak aklımıza gelebilir. Biz konumuzu ve mesleğimiz gereği mermer olarak değerlendirecek olursak bugün birçok mekânlarda doğal taş talebi artmaktadır. Elbette bunların arasına traverten gibi diğer doğal taş ürün gruplarını da katabiliriz fakat, duruşu, kalitesi, gözeneklerinin azlığı, yeri geldiğinde ürünün sağlamlığı ve ağırlığı gibi etmenlerle bile elbette mermerin yeri doğal taş kategorisinde her zaman daha önemlidir. Büyük AVM’ler de, binalarda, iç mekânlarda, mutfaklarda, banyolarda, evlerde dış mekânlarda doğal taş lar kullanılmaktadır. Mutfak ve hastane gibi bakteri oluşumunun yüksek olabileceği potansiyel mekanlarda mermer ve traverten gibi bu tip doğal ürünlerin kullanımı yaygındır ve önemlidir. Mutfak tezgahlarının granit olmasının sebeplerinden birisi doğallığı ikincisi ise mermere göre daha hesaplı mal edilmesi denebilir. Elbette mermer granit ve traverten gibi ürünlerin yanında çok daha aktif bir ürün olarak kabul edilir. Gerek görünüş ve gerek se sağlamlık açısından doğal güzelliği kendi kimyasında barındırır. Endüstriyel anlamda “mermer”; kesilip parlatılabilen her cins taş mermer olarak kabul edilmektedir. Taşın cinsi ve içeriği ne olursa olsun büyük ebatta blok elde edilebilme, kesilme ve cilalanma gibi özellikler göstermesi, o taşın mermer olarak kabul edilmesine kafi gelmektedir. Bunlardan granit, diyabaz, lösitli siyenit, fanolit ve serpantinler gibi magmadan türeyen kayaçlar da bu suretle mermer tanımının içine girmektedir.

doğal taş

Neden doğal taş? Çünkü doğal taş yıllarca hatta yüzyıllarca hiç özelliğini bozmadan uzun süre kullanılabiliyor olması. Doğal taş in bir ömrü yoktur. Diğer yapı malzemeleri kullandıkça eskir ama doğal taş tam tersine güzelleşir. Bugün eskimiş bir antik havası verir. Temizliği diğer ürünlere göre daha kolay ve daha hijyeniktir. Sağlığa bir şekilde zararı yoktur. Hatta hastanelerde kliniklerde temiz olmasından dolayı birinci tercih doğal taş tır.

free marble samples 2

Stone Tile Us has free sample option!

Just visit free marble samples form on Stone Tile Us

Travertine Tile has the biggest warehouse and the best options on marble and travertine fill the free marble samples form in only 1 minute and get your free sample in couple days! See the colors and the quality of your stone. free marble samples are pretty sure that you will love your marble or travertine. they have also pool pavers, mosaics and much more. The most affordable freight charges

free marble samples 3

free marble samples 1

are available all year along. order free marble samples also have good deals on prices. That much quality for that price is amazing. Its better to get a marble as soon as possible. Order Marble Tiles are waiting for your order.

free marble samples 2


If you use travertine tile order free marble samples form you will save your time and marble tiles can process your samples faster than place a call. This marble sample form order page works with several logical inputs that will guide for an easy and comfortable free marble sample order. Our website is open 24/7 and we check all order free marble samples forms in a few minutes. If you think that you don’t have time for that, you can still call us.

free marble samples

You gotta see the color variation those Pavers show under all that sunshine. Probably, our customers living in colder climates that are reading this article will shut down their computers because they are ready about the Sunny and warm weather in Florida 🙂

world of marble

EL MUNDO DEL MARMOL. It’s a world of marble!

EL MUNDO DEL MARMOL. It’s a world of marble!

Stone Tile Us tiene el mundo del mármol! En STONETILEUS.COM nosotros tenemos desde el más blanco elegante mármol hasta el más clásico beige mármol. Nosotros los tenemos todos!

El Marmol es un material muy duradero. Es muy popular para los contratistas que remodelan casas, y le da a tu hogar un aspecto elegante. Para expertos que remodelan casas, como Vanilla ice, que escogió muchos productos para su programa de televisión, The Vanilla ice Project. Para usted poder ver las fotos de sus proyectos por favor haga click aquí.

Acabados de Mármoles. Nosotros tenemos cepillados, Pulidos, y  martillados azulejos / pisos. Mármoles Cepillados son más ásperos al tocarlos que los martillados y pulidos. Mármoles cepillados son buenos para exteriores, ya que no son resbalosos. Mármoles pulidos son suaves y brillantes.

El piso pulido puede ser pulimentado hasta que quede brillante en la luz, Es perfecto para uso interior. El mármol pulido va a realzar cualquier decoración en tu hogar. Incluso va aumentar el valor de tu casa. Pisos martillados en mármol son bastante lisos y no tienen un acabado brillante. Estos pisos en mármol son perfectos para el interior de su casa. Muchas personas quienes no les gustan los pisos brillantes prefieren este acabado. Los mármoles martillados son muy elegantes y clásicos.

Color en pisos o azulejos en mármoles. Si usted está buscando una gran variedad en mármoles para su próximo proyecto, usted está en el lugar adecuado. Nosotros tenemos una gran selección en pisos de mármol, desde el más moderno mármol blanco al más clásico beige. Nosotros tenemos Alaska White, Snow White, Volakas, Cappuccino Beige, Naturella Beige, Cream Nouva, Cream Unica, Cream Fantasy, Botticino y muchos más. Inclusive no se olvide en revisar nuestra nueva adición, Mármol gris. El mármol gris es lo que está de moda, es lo más buscado por diseñadores y contratistas.

Los tamaños de los pisos en marmol. Nuestros pisos vienen en varios tamaños y grosores. Nosotros tenemos 12×12, 12×24, 16×24, 18×18, 18×36, 24×24, 35×35 y 36×36. En grosores tenemos 3/8” – ½”- 5/8” – ¾”. El grosor es muy importante en el mundo del marmol / world of marble tile, el más grueso tendrá menos probabilidades de romperse, especialmente en un área con mucho tráfico. Usualmente el piso más grande será más grueso.

Si usted quiere tener el mejor piso en mármol, por favor visite nuestro sitio web, STONETILEUS.COM donde las celebridades compran sus pisos. Nosotros tenemos el mundo del marmol , We carry a world of marble